A cannon found on the ground floor of the Everdawn Basin.

Cannons are enemies found only in Everdawn Basin. While they may not seem like an enemy, the Cannons can deal huge amounts of damage to Dust if he should ever get close enough to the area that's being bombarded. There are only four cannons placed on the basin, one of which is encounter while underground, the others rest on ground level.


  • Destroying all four cannons grants the achievement "Silence those guns".
  • The cannons may have been what Elder Gray Eyes was talking about when he stated "arrows made of light" in his story.
  • The cannon is the only enemy that is stationary, remains dead when destroyed, and does not drop any loot.
  • If the Dust were to get close enough to the area that's being bombarded while underground, it's possible for Dust to get hurt by the blast of the cannons.

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