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Dust Sketch Holding Ahrah Transparent
Dust weilding the Blade of Ahrah.
Gender Male




Voiced by

Lucien Dodge

Dust is the main protagonist and unknown warrior in the game Dust: An Elysian Tail. He is the wielder of the blade of Ahrah.


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He was the first fully seen character in the game when he wakes in a forest of The Glade. Ahrah approached him and explained to Dust that he is the fated swordbearer. Fidget arrives a short time after and demands the return of the sword, only to be the companion to Dust by Ahrah's order. Dust then contemplates his identity and Ahrah tells him to set forth towards the east of Falana to discover his past.

Leaving The Glade, Dust arrives outside of a peaceful village where he meets Cora. She tells him of voices crying for help from the farm just beyond them and Fidget insists on helping the people. Dust involves himself in a heroic act of saving Oneida and Geehan from a catastophical ambush of giants. Saving them both with a minor injury to Geehan's ankle and moving into the Aurora Village alerted the village guards, Bean and Callum. Though Dust mentions he stopped the giants attack and the farming couple were in need of medical attention, Callum instantly becomes suspicious of Dust's timing of the event whilst Bean thanks him for his bravery. Later, Dust and Fidget save a group of villagers, and meets a girl named Ginger, who seemed to feel something familiar within Dust, but shakes it off.

Later down the road, he will indeed discover his past when he stubles into his old household. He recollects his final moments as Jin, before he and his companions are joined by Ginger and Elder Gray-Eyes. They then tell him that he is a fusion of two souls, of Jin and his muderer, Cassius, as well as revealing that Ginger was the sister of Jin, making her his sister as well. With his questions answered, he departs for Giaus, whom tries to sway Dust to his side once more by constantly manipulating the Cassius side of him. However, Dust makes a stand and exclaims that he has his own choice, and chooses not to be bound by his former incarnites. With a climatic battle with Giaus, Dust is weakened by a explosion, but is strong enough to temporarily save Giaus, only for Giaus to remark that Cassius and the world that they had carved where gone, and commits suicide. Dust collaps in exaustion, but soon Fidget manages to reach him. She tries to summon Dust to his feet, but he declines, claiming that while he did everything right, it was sometimes not enough. Fidget regretably abandons Dust, who is consumed by the lava. However, as Ginger and Fidget mourn the aparent loss of Ahrah and Dust, both notice a storm of dust rising, along with a rejuvinated Ahrah, before parting for the Glade, hinting that Dust and Ahrah are alive.


Dust holding sword in lavaland
Dust standing amongst the flames of the Everdawn Basin with the blade of Ahrah
MylittlewutAdded by Mylittlewut
Dust, despite his strong charisma, is almost shy and is very reserved with good reason. This mannerism usually makes him come across as a bit stand-offish, which Fidget often points out when he is talking to people. He knows the difference between right and wrong, going overboard on justice at certain times, however he is more than willing to help out people no matter what help they are looking for.
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This article contains plot details or the story in general. You have been warned.

Dust displays distinctive personalities carried on from two souls who have passed away prior to the main story. He possesses the soul of Cassius and Jin. Carrying traits from Cassius, Dust is gifted (or cursed) with the knowledge of combat, enabling him to easily defeat several mobs at a time and wield extraordinary amounts of power. Though with this advantage in battle, he often appears aggressive towards situations beyond his control, often to the point of feeling agitated or violent at minor slip-ups.

Dust also carries the traits of Jin, which makes Dust act thoughtful towards people and label his actions with reason. The majority of Dust's strong-willed behavior originates from Jin's trait of following through with tasks and using a great deal of consideration towards victims and offenders.


Dust is quite agile on his own, being able to swing the Blade of Ahrah easily, even in mid-air. In addition, he learns several skills over the course of the game:

  • Dust Storm: A special technique with the Blade of Ahrah where he spins it to create a vacuum that damages enemies and sucks items. Can be combined with Fidget's projectiles to unleash powerful attacks. It continually draws power, and when nearing depletion Dust turns red. Continuing the storm will knock down Dust and force the storm's end.
  • Aerial Dust Storm: Performing Dust Storm while in the air makes Dust spin the center of the vortex, rapidly moving and targeting enemies. This can be used to move quickly across the screen, and also to reach high places when enemies are above Dust (including places designed to be reached with Double Jump or Boost Jump). Using Fidget's projectiles while doing Aerial Dust Storm is a deadly combo.
  • Dodge: A quick sidestep that allows him to evade enemy attacks and get behind them for strategical assaults. It consumes a bit of his power bar. Dodging does not make Dust invulnerable or grant him invincibility frames. This move is also avaliable in the air.
  • The Underling: Crouch dash. A quick slide maneuver that allows Dust to pass through low obstacles. It also inflicts damage against enemies.
  • Iron Grip: Climbing. Dust can hold himself against specific plants and climb them with jumps. Found in The Sorrowing Meadow.
  • Double Jump: A pair of wings show for a short time on Dust's back, allowing him to perform an additional jump. Found in Blackmoor Mountains.
  • Boost Jump: While riding an air current, jumping will rocket Dust extremely high, allowing access to further areas. Found in Everdawn Basin.

A list of combo moves can be found at Ahrah's page.

Player Tips

Dust is capable of doing quite a bit of damage in his own right and, as Fidget jokingly suggests, button mashing is fairly effective for those who don't want to learn the combos.

A fast way to earn experience and give Dust an early advantage in the game is to find a save point right next to the edge of a zone with enemies; as save points regenerate your energy meter this allows you to easily pull off ranged blasts with Fidget and your dust storm, racking up huge combo counts and hence bonus experience.

Learning those combos though, actually improves how much experience you gain and makes it easier clearing out larger groups of enemies more efficiently so Dust does not get hurt. Adding into it what Fidget can toss and using a skill you obtain in The Glade you can quickly rack up multiple hundred combo counts with ease. A list of useful combos can be found in the game's help section or here.

Dust is not only good on the ground, taking the fight to the air has its own advantages and a few disadvantages as well. Most of what you learn to do as Dust will ultimately work around how you, the Player, feel the most comfortable with. learning what Dust can and cannot do, is crucial however on the higher difficulties.

Fidget's projectile attack can be safer and much more effective than melee attack because there are many items with Fidget boost attribute (ranging from x1.1 - x3 Fidget attack damage), so it is a good idea to start investing more gems on Fidget following the mid game if the player prefers an easy time against later enemies. Combined with proper dodging, this strategy is usually effective against most of the enemies in the game. This is not as applicable for higher difficulties where Fidget's energy bar does not regenerate as quickly unless with a melee-combo thrown into the mix.


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