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Materials are consumables in Dust: An Elysian Tail that are used in crafting recipes for blueprints to craft armor, augments, rings and pendants. There are 42 in total and they are dropped by various enemies throughout the game, and can also be bought from merchants once they have been catalogued.

The first sale of an item that hasn't been catalogued will grant slightly higher than the usual selling price.

Some items are "common" and can be dropped by all enemies; some are specific to one type of enemy, usually indicated in the name.

Icon Material Source Buy Sell
Lumber Common 100 25
Nails Common 100 25
Fabric Common 100 25
Wire Common 100 25
Glue Common 100 25
Paper Common 100 25
Cotton Common 100 25
Dye Common 100 25
Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal Common 100 25
Thread Common 100 25
Bottle Common 100 25
Junk Common 40 10
Imp Hide
Imp Hide Imps 100 25
Imp Claw
Imp Claw Imps 100 25
Beast Spear
Beast Spear Beasts/Bundled Fighters 100 25
Beast Leather
Beast Leather Beasts 100 25
Avee Claw
Avee Claw Avees 150 37
Avee Wing
Avee Wing Avees 150 37
Slimy Coat
Slimy Coat Slimes 150 37
Slimy Spike
Slimy Spike Slimes 150 37
Giant Rock
Giant Rock Giants 200 50
Giant Core
Giant Core Giants 200 50
Florn Tentacle
Florn Tentacle Florns 100 25
Florn Spark
Florn Spark Florns 100 25
Hound's Teeth
Hound's Teeth Rockhounds 100 25
Hound Hide
Hound Hide Rockhounds 100 25
Stone Carapace
Stone Carapace Stone-cutters 200 50
Stone Feeler
Stone Feeler Stone-cutters 200 50
Squirt-Bug Eye
Squirt-Bug Eye Squirt-Bugs 100 25
Squirt-Bug Arm
Squirt-Bug Arm Squirt-Bugs 100 25
Trolk Shell
Trolk Shell Trolks 400 100
Trolk Finger
Trolk Finger Trolks 400 100
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh Zombies 40 10
Bone Zombies 40 10
Ectoplasm Flesh Fly Hive, Wizards 100 25
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Wizards, Frites 1000 250
Maggot Flesh Flies 10 2
Wolf Pelt
Wolf Pelt Wolves, War Dogs 100 25
Hollow Shard
Hollow Shard Frites 400 100
Kush Pelt
Kush Pelt Kushes 1000 250
Tough Metal
Tough Metal Kushes 1000 250
Dog Tag
Dog Tag Soldiers 200 50

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