The Red Orb is found in the Cirromon Caverns and is used in Blackmoor Mountains.


The Red Orb is found in the Cirromon Caverns guarded by a Trolk, it is found in the "basement" in the room colored blue on the map right below the room with the shopkeeper and save station colored yellow and blue on the map also (this room also has a save station)


There is a Note found in Abbadis "The Cliff" where it mentions Blackmoor Mountains and its highest peak.  On the map go to the top where the Shopkeeper is, colored yellow. Find and crouch as close as possible to the houglass mark and you'll be teleported.

Notes & Trivia

  • If you look closely at the Red Orb you'll notice an hourglass mark on it that matches the hourglass mark found in Blackmoor Mountains.
  • An opaque crystalline orb. What purpose does it serve.
  • Profit is 1500 G
  • Red Orb refers to the NES game "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest".

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