Ugly Pendant Pendant
Attack: x0.1
Defense: x0.1
Fidget: x0.1

Ugly Pendant

This will actually make you weaker. Why would anyone want to intentionally do that?
Shop Price: 1000 G
Sell/Craft Price: 250 G

This surprisingly useful Pendant is the key to getting a 1,000-hit combo for Corbin late in the game if the player has already levelled up Fidget's attack power, since unlike the Coward's Pendant the Ugly Pendant has a negative modifier to Fidget's attacks as well as Dust's. The most normal method of using it is to go to The Sorrowing Meadow and locate a Necromancer, then used Fidget's Dust Storm-boosted attacks, backing off when the combo meter hits 1,000. While fire is often recommended for this, electricity is actually the better choice since it is the only one of Fidget's attacks that is guaranteed to hit every enemy on screen: keeping every zombie stunlocked is essential given Dust has only 10% of his normal Defense while using this Pendant.

It can also be useful if the player is grinding for XP up to the end of The Sorrowing Meadow since it will provide hugely increased combo scores: after this, combo bonus XP becomes fairly trivial compared to XP from kills.

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